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I was born and grew up in St. Paul’s historic Rondo neighborhood. I am the third born of a family of five siblings. I became a mother as a teen but was resilient, continued in school and became the first of my siblings to graduate and to go on to college to obtain a degree. I graduated from Metro State University in 2010 with a bachelors in Social Science and Creative Writing. In 2011, I bought first home in Brooklyn Center.


In 2014, I decided to run for Brooklyn Center City Council. I wanted to get more involved in my new community. I wanted to inspire more women and people of color to run, and I wanted our local leadership to be more reflective of the people they served.


In 2015 I became the first woman of color ever elected to the Brooklyn Center City Council. During my first years I worked to understand the functions of governance at the local level. I built trust and relationships with my fellow council members and city staff. I advocated for the implementation and expansion of community engagement and inclusion efforts in the city.


In my time on the council, we have hired staff and created programs to focus on communications, inclusive community engagement, workforce development, small business supports and community health, wellness and safety. We have collaborated with the community to implement small business incubators and community pop up markets. We have expanded our summer jobs program for youth and increased recreation programming for youth and families in our city. Providing free, fun, cultural events and spaces where people can get out and spend time with one another.


In Brooklyn Center we have continued to diversify the council over the past few years. And as the council has changed, racial and intergenerational gaps in understanding are not surprising. I believe one of my strengths is bridge building. I am a leader that can help others find understanding, build consensus and work more collaboratively through difficult subjects.


Since 2017, I have also worked for the Minneapolis Health Department. The Public Health Approach sees violence as it would disease; it can spread but it is also both preventable and treatable. I have worked with high schools, neighborhood organizations, outreach teams, police officers and other public officials to reduce youth violence, increase community cohesiveness and build youth connections to caring adults and resources in the community. I have also helped facilitate racial equity workshops for Minneapolis employees.


I am also a yoga instructor in the community, and I have found ways to utilize mindfulness, self-awareness, empathy and wholistic healing in my many roles. Practicing and teaching yoga and mindfulness has been a big part of my ability to stay focused and resilient during times of heightened stress. Gratitude, humility and authenticity are valued characteristics I work to cultivate in myself and others every day.

- Election Day-

November 8th


  • Led efforts to expand free, culturally specific activities through Brooklyn Center Community Center

  • Advocated and spearheaded the city’s ongoing work providing opportunities and resources to small businesses and entrepreneurs 

  • Spearheaded the effort to collect Police Stop Data and the creation of BCPD Dashboard

  • Introduced and Passed the Resolution Recognizing Juneteenth

  • Supported the passage of the Public Safety Resolution as a framework for policing improvements AND continue to support the men and women of BCPD who serve the community with dignity and respect

  • Helped Introduce and Support the passage of Tenant Protections 

  • Advocated for the creation of Communications and Community Engagement Department


  • City Council member 2015 to present

  • Council Liaison for Parks and Recreation and Youth Council

  • Metropolitan Council Land Use Advisory Commission member

  • Public Health Specialist

  • Youth Violence Prevention Associate

  • Racial Equity workshop facilitator

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science and Creative Writing

  • Single mother of 4 children

  • Certified Mediator

  • Certified Yoga Instructor

  • Certified Reiki Healer

  • Author and Poet

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