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- Election Day-

November 8th

Why I'm Running

The last few years in Brooklyn Center may have been some of the most difficult in its history.


We have taken innovative steps to address racial and economic inequity and we have worked to increase transparency, accountability and access to opportunities that were long overdue and much needed in our city.


As we move forward, there is still a lot of work to do. Right now, what our city needs most is to heal and come together as one Brooklyn Center. We need a balanced, intentional, and nuanced way forward that considers ALL stakeholders in decision-making.


It is only by listening to ALL voices that we can create the solutions and build the collective will to implement sustainable change.


You can’t legislate people’s hearts and minds. Relationships, empathy, and trust are necessary to shift a culture of oppression to a culture of equity and inclusion of all. Policy is just words on paper if it is not truly owned and accepted by the community it’s meant to serve. 


I am a person that welcomes differing perspectives and works to build understanding across those differences - helping people to connect with one another’s humanity.


As your next mayor, I am confident and committed to not only continue to build on the work already started, but to also ensure that it is done with the compassion, grace, and true collaboration that is needed for success.

- Election Day-

November 8th

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